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Welcome to the CE Help Page. Please review the list of topics outlined below. You can open your topic of interest by clicking on the text. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

  This is my first time submitting a quiz. What do I do?
I have my own subscription to Pharmacist's Letter and CE-in-the-Letter.  
What is a Group Subscriber?  
How do I take CE-in-the-Letter quizzes online?  
  I cannot login to submit my CE.
I am an individual subscriber.  
I am in a group.  
  I have signed in, but cannot take a quiz.
I am not given the option to submit answers for a particular issue's quiz.  
  Changes in Pharmacy Technician CE.
How do ACPE changes affect the courses pharmacy technicians can take.  
  Credit month.
My CE-in-the-Letter month is incorrect.  
How do I select a credit month for the CE-in-the-Letter?  
  Statement of Credit printing.
My CE-in-the-Letter subscription is paid, but I can't print my Statement of Credit.  
I did not receive my CE-in-the-Letter Statement of Credit in the mail.  
I lost my Statement of Credit or need a second copy.  
  What are the course title and program number (ACPE #) for each
 CE-in-the-Letter quiz?
The course title for each CE-in-the-Letter quiz is:  
The program number (ACPE #s) for each quiz are:  
  What are the course title and program number (ACPE #) for each
 CE Self-Study Course (booklet)?
The CE self-study course titles and program numbers are:  
  I can't find an issue, and I need to take the CE-in-the-Letter quiz.
Individual subscribers.  
Group subscribers.  
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